Thursday, December 25, 2008

~Traditions I Love~

I love making english toffee, and Scandinavian almond bars with my mom and Jessica!

I love that my family gets together, reads the Christmas story, and sings Christmas carols.

I love that Santa Clause fills our dinning room table full of delicious treats that we all love.

I love watching the movies that Santa Clause brought us for Christmas and doing puzzles.

I love being with my family!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

*Craft Time*

One of the things I miss most about Utah is spending time with my craft buddy, Shannon! She taught me everything I know about crafty things. She introduced me to scrap booking, taught me how to use photo shop, and most recently how to quilt. She helped me start this Americana quilt for someone special for Christmas.

Up In ThE GyM

So... Jake and I were just exploring Auburn one day and found a rec center a few blocks away from our house. We decided to go inside and check it out. Turns out that it is absolutely free to get in, and all you have to do is show a photo id. Now we run to the gym, play some racquetball, and then lift weights.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Awesone Job!

Here in Alabama I've had to put my school on hold. I was planning on going into Dental Hygiene so I tried to get a job as a dental assistant. Most dental offices had a full staff so I applied at an Oral Surgeon's office. I got the job! I've been working there for about three months now and it's been such a blessing. The Doctor I work for, Dr. Grady, really cares about his employees and takes good care of us. For example, I had only been working for about three weeks and he had taken us out for lunch at red lobster, to the movies, to a tail gate party where we got to meet the Auburn football team and the Auburn cheerleaders, and a he gave me three weeks off of work so that I could fly to Utah for Christmas. Right now at work I have mostly been assisting in surgeries, but I have also learned the receptions desk and am able to cover if the receptionist is ever sick. Next he wants me to learn how to bill people, schedule the surgeries and work with the different insurance companies.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama

Before we made it to our new apartment in Alabama, we got a call telling us that they had a few extra things that they would be willingly to put in our apartment for free. We got a kitchen table, two couches, and two end tables! Me and Jake were so excited but when we arrived and saw what our apartment looked liked we were a little upset. (The internet made the rooms look a lot better than what they really are.) These pictures are of our living room and dining room before we decorated.

Salmon Bake

This summer, while I was living in Alaska, I not only worked at grandma's feather bed (a bed and breakfast) but I also work at a clothing store called Alaska Apparel. If we were able to hit our monthly goals we were rewarded with different excursions like zip lining and float plane rides. This was the last big thing that I got to do in Alaska. All the girls I worked with got to go on a float plane ride to Taku lodge and eat some fresh off the fire salmon, go on a short hike and even have a bear come into our camp site.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Kayaking Adventures!

Me and Jake haven't been able to go on very many adventures this year, Since I'm taking online classes and working two jobs but the few we have been on have been GrEaT! One of my favorite adventure was when we went sea kayaking. It was a nice sunny day and we went out with a few of our friends. We decided to kayak out to an island. While we were out in the ocean we saw a few sea lions playing around and we saw some whales out in the distance. A few minutes later we heard a weird sound right behind us. It was a SEA LION! only two feet away from out kayak. Our little friend followed us around for most of the day. About fifteen minutes later we heard another weird sound... It was a whale! it popped up right in front of us. We were only about 20 feet away and had to stop our kayaks so we didn't hit it. This definitely was the scariest most exciting moment ever!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

HoMe SwEeT hOmE!

When we got to Alaska they didn't have our apartment ready for us yet. So, we got to stay in the hotel for the first few weeks. It was nice to have someone make the bed for us, have cable T.V, and being able to walk to work. Now we are staying in a really cute attic apartment. It's really nice but now we don't have T.V, we have to clean up after ourselves, and its about a ten minute drive to work. (Which means ten minutes less I get to sleep!)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fun in Seattle

On our way up to Alaska me and Jake stopped in Seattle and spent a few days with his uncles on Bainbridge Island. We did so many fun things, we visited Paulsbo (which is a little Norwegian town), we went shopping, and spent a lot of time playing phase ten. We had a blast after our visit we took the ferry back to Seattle where we had a limo waiting to take us to the airport!