Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cityfest 2010

I've been looking forward to April 24 for a few months now. My buddy, Lauren, and I have been crafting every free second to get ready for the 2010 cityfest! We made tutus, headbands, onesies, skirts, and some baby blankets. Unfortuately it rained that day so not many people ended up going to Cityfest but we made some really good contacts. I really enjoyed the experience and I'm excited to do it next year.


Lauren said...

so cute! :)

Jon & Aubree Midgley said...

do you take online orders?? :)

Meredith said...

No Way! How was it? My mom and I are signed up for a fair this Fall. You have a lot of things for sale! looks great... have you considered an Etsy store?

Thanks for commenting on my jewerly hanger... All I did was use Kilz (spray) primer, then coated it with the teal color, and finally glazed it using antiquing glaze (Valspar). Just brush on the glaze and wipe away with a towel. I've posted a blog about the process here..

ladybird said...

Hello Emily:
I love all of the things you and your friend made! I would love to purchase a quilt from you for my new Granddaughter Nikki. Something bright and colorful. Not necessarily girly, but playful and bright. I can't find your email address. Can you email me and give it to me again? Thanks. I hope that you read this soon. I love you both with all of my heart! I have a picture of the both of you as my background on my computer. Dad loves to look at it and so do I! I have so much to ask you and to talk about. More for an email than here. Love you! Tonja