Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama

Before we made it to our new apartment in Alabama, we got a call telling us that they had a few extra things that they would be willingly to put in our apartment for free. We got a kitchen table, two couches, and two end tables! Me and Jake were so excited but when we arrived and saw what our apartment looked liked we were a little upset. (The internet made the rooms look a lot better than what they really are.) These pictures are of our living room and dining room before we decorated.

Salmon Bake

This summer, while I was living in Alaska, I not only worked at grandma's feather bed (a bed and breakfast) but I also work at a clothing store called Alaska Apparel. If we were able to hit our monthly goals we were rewarded with different excursions like zip lining and float plane rides. This was the last big thing that I got to do in Alaska. All the girls I worked with got to go on a float plane ride to Taku lodge and eat some fresh off the fire salmon, go on a short hike and even have a bear come into our camp site.